How To Convert C++ Code To C

C++ and C are two of the most popular programming languages. C++ is an extension of the C language and adds important features like object-oriented programming, templates, and exceptions.

Sometimes, you might want to convert C++ code to C. This can happen when you have an existing C++ codebase and you want to use it in a C project. In this tutorial, we’ll go through the steps needed to convert C++ code to C.

Step 1: Remove C++ Headers

The first step is to remove all C++ headers from the files. C++ headers have the extension .h and include files like , , and . In C, you use the standard C library headers like , , and . Replace all C++ headers with their C equivalents. For example, use instead of and use the C function printf() instead of the C++ cout.

Step 2: Replace C++ Keywords

The next step is to replace C++ keywords with their C equivalents. C++ keywords include new, delete, class, and namespace. In C, you use malloc() and free() instead of new and delete. Instead of classes, you use structs in C. Namespaces do not exist in C, so you can remove them.

Step 3: Replace C++ Specific Syntax

C++ has a specific syntax that is not valid in C. For example, C++ allows function overloading and default arguments. C does not allow either of these. You’ll need to remove any function overloading and remove default arguments.

Step 4: Convert Class Definitions To Structs

In C++, classes are used for object-oriented programming. In C, you use structs to create structs. You’ll need to convert any class definitions to struct definitions. The members of structs are also accessed using the . operator, which is the same as in C++.

Step 5: Compile and Test

The final step is to compile the C code and test it. If there are any errors or warnings, you’ll need to fix them. Test the code thoroughly to make sure it works as expected.


Converting C++ code to C can be a challenging task. However, by following these steps, you can successfully convert a C++ codebase to C. Always be sure to thoroughly test your code after making any changes.