How To Convert Null Value To 0 In Javascript

Null values in JavaScript are used to represent non-existent or unknown values. However, sometimes it becomes necessary to convert these null values to a different value, such as 0. In this tutorial, we will go over how to convert null values to 0 in JavaScript.


Step 1: Check for null values

Before converting null values to 0, we need to first check if the value is actually null. We can do this using an if statement and the strict equality operator “===”.

Step 2: Assign 0 to the null value

If the value is indeed null, we can assign 0 to it using the assignment operator “=”.

Step 3: Use the ternary operator

We can also use a ternary operator to check if the value is null and assign 0 to it in a single line of code.


Converting null values to 0 in JavaScript is a simple process that can be accomplished using if statements, the assignment operator, or ternary operators. Always remember to first check if the value is actually null before attempting to convert it to 0.