How To Remove Double Quotes From A CSV File In PowerShell

In this tutorial, we will learn how to remove double quotes from a CSV file using PowerShell. This can be useful in scenarios where the presence of double quotes may cause issues in further data processing or when importing data to other applications.

PowerShell is a powerful scripting language and automation platform designed specifically for Windows systems, making it a great tool for working with CSV files.

Step 1: Create a Sample CSV File

First, let’s create a sample CSV file with double quotes to demonstrate the process. Use any text editor to create a new file with the following content:

"John Doe","28","New York"
"Jane Smith","32","Los Angeles"
"Mike Brown","23","Chicago"

Save the file as sample.csv on your local machine.

Step 2: Open PowerShell

Open the PowerShell prompt by searching for “PowerShell” in the Windows search bar and then clicking on “Windows PowerShell.”

Step 3: Navigate to the Directory Containing the CSV File

Use the cd command in the PowerShell prompt to navigate to the directory containing sample.csv. For example:
cd C:\Users\YourUserName\DocumentsReplace YourUserName with your actual user name and the directory containing sample.csv.

Step 4: Read the CSV File

Read the content of sample.csv using the Import-CSV cmdlet:

Step 5: Remove Double Quotes from CSV File

Iterate through each row and column in the CSV file and remove the double quotes using the -replace method:

Step 6: Export the Modified CSV Data

Finally, export the modified CSV data into a new file called output.csv using the Export-CSV cmdlet:

This command will save the cleaned CSV data in the output.csv file in the same directory as the source.

Full PowerShell Script:

Here’s the full code to remove double quotes from a CSV file in PowerShell:

Example Output

The content of the output.csv file after running the script should look like this:

John Doe,28,New York
Jane Smith,32,Los Angeles
Mike Brown,23,Chicago


In this tutorial, we have demonstrated how to remove double quotes from a CSV file using PowerShell. With this simple script, you can easily clean up your CSV files and prepare them for further processing or importing into other applications. Remember to practice caution when working with important files and always keep a backup before making any modifications.