How to Add Numbers in Python

Adding numbers in Python is relatively straightforward, but it’s a core function in any Python script and can be used in a multitude of ways. This tutorial’ll cover some basic methods of adding numbers using Python.

Adding Two Numbers

The simplest way to add numbers in Python is by using the + operator. This operator adds two numbers.

Adding Multiple Numbers

This is as simple as adding two numbers. Just put + operator between each number you want to add.

Using Functions to Add Numbers

Python comes with a built-in function sum() for adding numbers. This function takes an iterable and returns the sum of all values.

Built-in Python Function For Adding Numbers

You’ll find a comprehensive description of Python’s built-in functions in the Python Documentation.

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By following the steps in this tutorial, you’ll be able to add numbers in Python either by using the plus operator or the built-in sum function. Remember, practice is the key, so keep trying out different ways of adding numbers using Python. Happy coding!