How To Arrange String In Alphabetical Order In Python

Python is a versatile language with many different functions, commands, and capabilities.

One of the most useful functions in Python is the ability to sort a list or a string in alphabetical order. In this tutorial, we will be discussing how to arrange a string in alphabetical order in Python.


Step 1: Define the string

To begin, we must define the string that we will be sorting. For our purposes, we will be using the string “hello world”.

Step 2: Convert the string into a list of characters

We will now convert the string into a list of its individual characters using the list() function in Python.

Step 3: Sort the list in alphabetical order

Now that we have a list of characters, we can sort it using the sort() function in Python.

Step 4: Convert the sorted list back into a string

Once we have sorted the list, we can convert it back into a string using the join() function in Python.

This will create a new string that has the same characters as the original string, but in alphabetical order.





Arranging a string in alphabetical order in Python is a simple process. By converting the string into a list of its individual characters, sorting the list, and then converting it back into a string, we can quickly and easily obtain a sorted version of the original string.