How To Change Object Class Python

In this tutorial, we will learn how to change the class of an object in Python. This can be useful in scenarios where you want to change the behavior of an object dynamically at runtime. We will use an example to understand this concept better.

Step 1: Define Classes

First, we need to define the classes that we will use in our example. For demonstration purposes, let’s consider two classes, Animal and Plant, with different methods and attributes.

Step 2: Create an Instance

Next, create an instance of the Animal class.

Step 3: Change the Class of an Object

Now, let’s change the class of the cat object to Plant.

After changing the class, the cat object will have the methods and attributes of the Plant class.

Note that although the name attribute persists after changing the class, trying to access methods of the previous class will raise an error.

To handle such scenarios, you can add a check using the hasattr function before trying to access methods.

Full Code

Here is the complete code for this tutorial:


I am an animal. Hear me roar!
I am a plant, making food using sunlight!
The object does not have 'make_sound' method.


Now you know how to change the class of an object in Python. Although this technique can be useful in some cases, it’s essential to use it with caution since it can introduce hard-to-find bugs and is generally discouraged.

Instead, consider using inheritance, mixin classes, or other object-oriented programming techniques, like decorators, to create flexible and reusable code structures.