How To Combine Two Lists Into A Dictionary Python

Combining two lists into a dictionary is a common problem in Python. In this tutorial, we will learn how to combine two lists into a dictionary in an efficient and easy way.


1. Create two lists – one for the keys and another for the values. Let’s call them keys_list and values_list.

2. Use the zip() function to combine the two lists into a tuple.

3. Convert the combined_list into a dictionary using the dict() function.

4. Now you have a dictionary with keys_list as keys and values_list as values.

{'apple': 1, 'banana': 2, 'orange': 3}


In just a few simple steps, we learned how to combine two lists into a dictionary in Python. The zip() function and the dict() function made this process easy and streamlined. Now you can use this knowledge to create dictionaries for all kinds of purposes.

Full Code:


{'apple': 1, 'banana': 2, 'orange': 3}