How To Convert Comma-Separated String To List Python

In this tutorial, we will learn how to convert a comma-separated string into a list using Python. Converting strings to lists is a common task in programming, especially when dealing with data manipulation, file reading, or CSV creation.

Step 1: Prepare the Comma-Separated String

First, let’s create a comma-separated string that we will convert into a list. In this example, we will use a string containing fictional names of planets:

Step 2: Using the split() Method

Python provides a handy method called split() that can be used on a string. This method takes an argument which is the delimiter used to separate the items in the string. In our case, since the items are separated by a comma, we will pass in a comma as the argument.

Here’s how we can use the split() method to convert the comma-separated string into a list:

Now the variable planet_list contains the list of planet names:

The output will be:

['Mercury', 'Venus', 'Earth', 'Mars', 'Jupiter', 'Saturn', 'Uranus', 'Neptune']

Step 3: Working with the Generated List

After converting the comma-separated string into a list, you can now perform various operations on the list like iterating over its elements, getting the length of the list, searching for an element in the list, and more.

To iterate over the list and print each item, we can use a simple for loop:

The output will be:


Full Code:


Converting a comma-separated string into a list in Python is a simple task, thanks to the built-in split() method. By following these steps, you can easily manipulate and work with comma-separated data in Python.