How To Get Single Key From Dictionary In Python

In this tutorial, we will learn how to get a single key from a dictionary in Python. Dictionaries are a useful data structure in Python, allowing you to store and manage key-value pairs.

Although you can use various methods to access the values in a dictionary, sometimes you may need to access a specific key. Let’s dive into the different techniques for getting a single key from a dictionary.

Step 1: Check if the key is in the dictionary

Before trying to access a key in the dictionary, it is essential to ensure that the key exists. You can use the in keyword to check if a key is in the dictionary.


Key exists

Step 2: Access the key value directly

The simplest method to get the value of a dictionary key is by using the square bracket notation. This approach can raise a KeyError if the key is not found in the dictionary.



Step 3: Use the get() method

A safer alternative for accessing a key value is by using the get() method. The get() method takes the key as an argument and returns its value if found. Otherwise, it returns None or a default value if specified.


Default value

Full Code:


We have covered different techniques for getting a single key from a dictionary in Python, from checking if the key exists to using the get() method that returns a default value if the key is not found.

These methods can help you effectively deal with dictionaries and handle cases where a specific key is missing.