How To Input Two Numbers In Python

In this tutorial, we will learn how to input two numbers in Python. This is a fundamental skill that every aspiring programmer should acquire, as working with user inputs is an essential aspect of programming and developing interactive applications.

Step 1: Using the input() Function

To receive input from the user, we will use Python’s built-in input() function. The function reads a line from the input (usually the user’s keyboard) and converts it into a string.

Here’s a basic example:

Enter a number: 5
You entered: 5

However, the entered value is still a string and needs to be converted into an integer or floating-point number for mathematical operations.

Step 2: Converting Strings to Numbers

To convert the user input from a string to an integer or a floating-point number, we can use the int() and float() functions, respectively. These functions take a string as an argument and return the corresponding numeric value.

An example is shown below:

Enter a number: 5
You entered: 5

Now that we know how to accept user input and convert it to a numeric value, it is time to receive two numbers, one after the other.

Step 3: Input Two Numbers

In this step, we will prompt the user to input two numbers, then convert those values to integers or floating-point numbers.

Here’s the complete code:

Enter the first number: 5
Enter the second number: 8
First Number: 5
Second Number: 8

For floating-point numbers, simply replace int() with float():

Enter the first number: 5.5
Enter the second number: 8.5
First Number: 5.5
Second Number: 8.5


In this tutorial, we have learned how to input two numbers in Python using the input() function, converting the entered strings to integers or floating-point numbers, and working with the numeric values. With this fundamental knowledge, you can now proceed to develop more complex and interactive Python applications.