How To Make A Table In Python Pandas

In this tutorial, we’ll explore how to make a table in Python using Pandas – a popular and powerful library known for its extensive data manipulation capabilities. Creating tables with Pandas allows you to easily analyze, manipulate, and visualize your data.

Step 1: Install Pandas

To get started, you’ll need to make sure that you have Pandas installed on your system. You can install Pandas using pip:
pip install pandas

Step 2: Import Pandas

With Pandas installed, import it into your Python script using the following code:

We’ll use the pd alias for Pandas throughout this tutorial to simplify our code.

Step 3: Create a DataFrame

A Pandas DataFrame is a two-dimensional, size-mutable, heterogeneous tabular data structure where data is aligned in a rectangular format similar to a table. You can think of a DataFrame like an Excel spreadsheet or a SQL table.

To create a DataFrame, you can use several input formats, such as a dictionary, lists, or even NumPy arrays. In this tutorial, we’ll create a DataFrame using a dictionary. Define your dictionary containing your data and then pass it to the pd.DataFrame() function:

The resulting DataFrame will look like this:

   column1  column2  column3
0  value1        1      4.0
1  value2        2      5.0
2  value3        3      6.0

Step 4: View Your DataFrame

You can print your DataFrame to the console using the print() function:

Or, if you’re working in a Jupyter Notebook, you can simply type the name of the DataFrame (in this example, df) and press Shift+Enter to display the DataFrame as an output.

Step 5: Save Your DataFrame to a File (Optional)

If you want to save your DataFrame to a file for further analysis or processing in another program, you can do so using the to_csv() method. In this example, we’ll save our DataFrame as a CSV file:

By setting the index parameter to False, we exclude the index column from the output file.

Full Code

Here’s the complete code for creating a table in Python using Pandas:


In this tutorial, we covered how to make a table in Python using Pandas by creating a DataFrame from a dictionary. We also showed you how to view your DataFrame and save it to a file.

With these basic steps, you can now easily create, manipulate, and analyze tables using the powerful Pandas library in Python. For more advanced operations, consult the official Pandas documentation.