How To Make A Text Box In Python Tkinter

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a text box, also known as an Entry Widget, using Python’s Tkinter library. Tkinter is a built-in Python module used for creating graphical user interfaces (GUIs).

Text boxes are commonly used in applications for user input, allowing users to enter and edit text.

Step 1: Importing the Tkinter module

First, we need to import the Tkinter module to be able to use it in our program. Use the following code to do so:

Step 2: Create the main window

Next, we’ll create the main window of our application, commonly known as the root window. Tkinter’s Tk() function is used to create this main window.

Step 3: Giving the window a title

You can set the window title using the title() method. Replace 'your_title_here' with your desired title.

Step 4: Creating the Entry Widget

Now that we have our main window set up, we’ll create the Entry Widget (text box). Use Tkinter’s Entry class to create a new Entry Widget.

Step 5: Positioning the Entry Widget

We’ll use the pack() method to position the Entry Widget inside our window. You can also use other methods like grid() or place(), but for simplicity’s sake, we’ll stick with pack() in this tutorial.

Step 6: Running the application

To display our application, we have to use the mainloop() method. This is a blocking method that waits for user events and updates the UI.

The Complete Code

Now that we have implemented all the necessary steps, here’s the complete code to create a basic text box in Python using Tkinter:

To try it out, simply copy and paste the complete code snippet into a Python file and run it. You should see a window with a text box inside.

Output Window Example


In this tutorial, we covered how to create a simple text box using Python’s Tkinter library. You can further customize the look and feel of the text box, such as changing its width, font, and color.

You can also attach functions to process the data entered by users. With this knowledge, you can now start creating more advanced GUI applications that accept and manipulate user input. Happy coding!