How To Name An Array In Python

In this tutorial, we will learn how to name an array in Python. Python is a widely used programming language that is known for its simplicity and readability, making it a popular choice for many developers.

Arrays in Python are essential data structures used to store a series of items of the same data type. Naming your arrays properly will not only help you keep track of your code but also make it more readable for others who may be working with the code later on.

Let’s discover how to properly name an array in Python.

Step 1: Install the NumPy Library

Although Python has built-in support for lists, we will use the NumPy library for array operations in this tutorial since it offers more functionality and performance benefits. To install NumPy, open your terminal/command prompt and type the following command:

Step 2: Import NumPy

To use NumPy in your Python code, you have to import the library first. Add the following line of code at the beginning of your Python script to import the NumPy library:

Step 3: Create an Array

Once you’ve imported the NumPy library, you can create an array using the np.array() function. The contents of the array should be provided as a list of comma-separated values within square brackets.

Here’s an example of creating an integer array named my_array:

Step 4: Name the Array

When naming your array, it is essential to adhere to the naming conventions in Python. Here are some recommended guidelines for naming an array:

  • Use lowercase letters for variable names, including arrays.
  • Separate words in the variable name with underscores.
  • Ensure your variable name is descriptive and indicates the purpose of the array.

For instance, if we are creating an array that stores the ages of different people, we could name it ages_of_people:

Sample Code and Output

Here’s an example of a complete Python script that creates an array named ages_of_people and prints its contents:


Ages of people: [21 34 28 45 32]


Naming arrays in Python is a straightforward process that requires adherence to naming conventions and properly importing the required libraries. When working with arrays, always remember to give them descriptive names to make your code more readable and easier for others to understand.