How To Print SQL Table In Python

In this tutorial, we will learn how to print an SQL table in Python. We will use the SQLite3 library, which comes pre-installed with Python, to connect to an SQLite database and print the contents of a table. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Create a Sample SQLite Database and Table

Before we print an SQL table in Python, we need a sample SQLite database and table to work with. You can use a database management tool like DB Browser for SQLite to create a new SQLite database and table.

For the purpose of this tutorial, let’s create a simple table called “students”:

Step 1: Connect to the SQLite Database in Python

To connect to the SQLite database in Python, we will use the sqlite3 library’s connect() method. Replace <path_to_database> with the actual path to your SQLite database.

Step 2: Create a table

Step 3: Insert data into the table

Step 4: Fetch Data from the SQL Table

Now that we are connected to the SQLite database, we are ready to fetch the data from the “students” table:

The cursor.execute() method executes the SQL query, and cursor.fetchall() fetches all the rows and stores them in the rows variable.

Step 5: Print the SQL Table

To print the fetched SQL table, you need to iterate through the rows and print them one by one:

With this code, we print the column headers followed by the rows.

Step 6: Close the SQLite Connection

After printing the table, it’s important to close the SQLite connection by calling the close() method on the connection object:

Full Code


ID | Name | Age | Email
1 | John Doe | 20 | [email protected]
2 | Jane Smith | 22 | [email protected]
3 | Michael Johnson | 21 | [email protected]


In this tutorial, we learned how to print an SQL table in Python using the SQLite3 library. This method can be easily adapted to print tables from other types of databases by using appropriate Python libraries for the database, such as Psycopg2 for PostgreSQL or PyMySQL for MySQL.