How To Separate A 3 Digit Number In Python

Working with numerical data is an essential part of programming, and Python provides great tools to deal with it. In this tutorial, we will learn how to separate the digits of a three-digit number using Python. This might come in handy during data analysis, algorithms, and various other applications. Let’s jump into the steps.

Step 1: Accept Input

First, let’s accept a three-digit number from the user. We can use Python’s built-in function input() for this purpose. The input will be stored in the variable number.

Step 2: Validate Input

Now, we need to ensure that the user has entered a valid three-digit number. We can use the isdigit() function to check that the input is an integer and contains exactly 3 digits.

Step 3: Separate Digits

Once we have a valid three-digit number, we can separate its digits using mathematical operations. We’ll use the floor division (//) and modulo (%) operators to achieve this.

Step 4: Display Output

Finally, let’s display the separated digits to the user using the print() function.

Full Code

Here’s the full code for separating the digits of a three-digit number in Python:


Enter a 3-digit number: 123
First digit: 1
Second digit: 2
Third digit: 3


In this tutorial, we learned how to separate the digits of a three-digit number in Python. This can be useful for various programming tasks and data analysis. By following these simple steps, you can easily implement this functionality in your Python projects.