How To Shuffle Words In Python

If you are working with text data in Python, you might need to shuffle words in the text randomly.

The good news is that Python has a built-in function called random that allows us to shuffle a list of items, including words in a string. In this tutorial, you will learn how to shuffle words in Python.


1. Create a string variable with the words you want to shuffle.

2. Split the string into a list of words using the split method.

3. Import the random module to access the shuffle function.

4. Shuffle the list of words using the shuffle function.

5. Join the shuffled words into a new string using the join method.

6. Print the shuffled text to the console.


fox The dog quick over jumps lazy the brown The


Shuffling words in Python is easy with the random module’s shuffle function. By splitting a string of words into a list, shuffling the list, and then joining the shuffled list back into a string, you can quickly shuffle words in any text data. Keep exploring Python’s built-in functions to improve your text analysis and data processing tasks.

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