How To Split Alphanumeric String In Python

Alphanumeric strings are strings that contain both letters and numbers.

If you have an alphanumeric string in Python and you want to separate the letters and the numbers to do different operations, then you can split the string into two parts. In this tutorial, we will learn how to split an alphanumeric string in Python.


1. Define the alphanumeric string that you want to split.

2. Initialize an empty string variable to store the letters in the alphanumeric string.

3. Initialize an empty string variable to store the numbers in the alphanumeric string.

4. Loop through each character in the alphanumeric string using the for loop.

5. Use the isnumeric() method to check if the character is a number or letter. If the character is numeric, add it to the numbers variable. If it’s a letter, add it to the letters variable.

6. Print the letters and numbers variables to see the separated parts of the alphanumeric string.



Letters: python
Numbers: 123

In this tutorial, we learned how to split an alphanumeric string into letters and numbers using Python. By using this method, you can separate any alphanumeric string and perform different operations on it.