How To Take Infinite Input In Python

In Python, there are many instances where a program needs to take an infinite or ongoing series of inputs from the user. This tutorial will guide you through multiple ways to achieve this functionality in Python and will provide examples to help you better understand infinite input methods.

Method 1: Using the while loop

The easiest way to take infinite input in Python is by using a while loop. A while loop allows you to continuously execute a block of code as long as the defined condition remains True. To demonstrate, let’s create a simple program that repeatedly asks the user for input until they enter ‘stop’.

Here’s how the code works:

1. The while True statement creates an infinite loop that will only stop when a break statement is encountered.
2. The input() function is used to get user input, with a prompt displayed to guide the user.
3. If the user inputs ‘stop’, the break statement is executed, which will terminate the loop and end the program.
4. If any other input is given, the program will print “You entered: ” followed by the user’s input.

Method 2: Using recursion

Another method to take infinite input in Python is by using recursion. Recursion involves a function calling itself to solve a problem. Here, we’ll create a function that gets user input and then calls itself to get more input until the user enters ‘stop’.

This code is similar to the previous example; however, it utilizes a recursive function called get_input() instead of a while loop. The function behaves as follows:

1. It obtains the user’s input using the input() function.
2. If the user inputs ‘stop’, the function returns and stops further recursion.
3. If any other input is provided, the program prints “You entered: ” and the user’s input, then calls itself to get more input.


In conclusion, this tutorial has shown you two different methods for taking infinite input in Python: using a while loop and using recursion. Both methods are suitable for various situations, and the choice of which method to use depends on your specific programming requirements and preferences.