How To Use Win32Com.Client In Python

Python is an amazing programming language that offers vast functionalities in different domains. In today’s tutorial, we will be exploring Win32Com. Client library and how to use it with Python.

Step 1: Installation of the library

The first necessary step would be to install the library, so let’s open up our terminal or command prompt and type the following command:

Step 2: Importing the library and required modules

After the installation is done, let’s import the library and the necessary modules in our Python script:

Step 3: Creating a COM object

Now, let’s create a COM object for the application we would like to interact with. The following is an example of creating a COM object for Microsoft Word:

Step 4: Interacting with the COM object

Now that we have created a COM object, we can interact with it using different functionalities. In the following example, we will use the object to create and save a new Word document:

Step 5: Quitting the application

After we have finished interacting with the application, it is important to quit it in order to free up system resources. This can be done using the following code:


That’s it! You now know how to use Win32Com.Client library in Python. This library opens up a lot of possibilities for interacting with different applications using Python.