How To Remove Url From Tweets In Python

Removing URLs from tweets in Python can be useful when filtering out unwanted or irrelevant information in a text. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps on how to remove URLs from tweets using Python.


Step 1: Install the Tweepy library

The Tweepy library allows us to easily access Twitter’s API using Python. You can install Tweepy by opening your command prompt or terminal and typing the following command:

Step 2: Set up authentication

Before we can access Twitter’s API, we need to authenticate our credentials. Go to and create an app. Once done, you can get your authentication keys by going to the “Keys and tokens” tab.

Step 3: Create a Tweepy API object

Next, we need to create an API object that will be used to communicate with Twitter’s API.

Replace “consumer_key”, “consumer_secret”, “access_token”, and “access_token_secret” with your own authentication keys.

Step 4: Retrieve tweets

Now that we have set up our authentication, we can use the API object to retrieve tweets. In this example, we will retrieve 10 tweets containing the word “Python”.

Step 5: Remove URLs from tweets

Finally, we can remove URLs from the tweets by iterating through each tweet and using Python’s re module to search for and remove URLs.

In the code above, we iterate through each tweet in tweets and remove any URLs using re.sub(). The regular expression pattern http\S+ matches any URLs starting with “http://” or “https://”.


In this tutorial, we have shown you how to remove URLs from tweets using Python. By using the Tweepy library and Python’s re module, we can easily retrieve tweets and filter out any unwanted information.

Full code: