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How to Write a CSV File in Python

Writing data to a CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file is a common task for many applications. CSV files help store tabular data in a simple text format, and they are widely used for data exchange between applications and systems. In this tutorial, we will walk through the steps of how to write CSV files using Python.

Python features a powerful standard library for handling CSV files called csv. With the csv library, you can easily read from and write to CSV files with just a few lines of code.

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How to Count the Number of Rows in Python

Counting rows in datasets is a fundamental step in data analysis. Often, you may need to know how many rows you are dealing with, whether to understand the size of your dataset or to pre-process your data.

Two common ways we can do this in Python are using either pandas or the CSV module. With their help, you can easily count the rows in a dataset. In this tutorial, we will explore these two methods.

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How to Read Columns in Python

In Python, reading columns in tables and CSV files is a crucial skill for data processing because it allows us to extract specific data in a structured format.

It’s especially important in data analysis projects because it offers a simplified means of managing large datasets. In this tutorial, you will learn how to achieve this using Python’s built-in library pandas.

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How to Extract Data from Excel Using Python

Extracting data from Excel spreadsheets is a common task in data analysis and web development.

This involves reading and parsing Excel files, converting them to data structures, and manipulating or analyzing that data. Python programming language provides various libraries to perform these tasks efficiently.

In this tutorial, we will use openpyxl and pandas libraries to extract data from Excel files.

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How to Convert a List to a Tuple in Python

In this tutorial, we will be discussing the method to convert a List to a Tuple in Python.

Often, while developing software in Python, we come across scenarios where we need to convert a list to a tuple for execution as the latter has advantages like faster execution and being immutable.

Hence, knowing how to convert a list to a tuple can prove to be an important skill in Python programming.

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