How To Separate Words From A String In Python

Separating words from a string is an important task in data analysis and text processing. Python provides various string manipulation functions which can be used for this purpose. In this tutorial, we will learn how to separate words from a string in Python.


1. Define the string variable:

First, we need to define the string variable, which contains the words or text we want to separate.

2. Use the split() method:

The split() method is a built-in function in Python, which can be used to split a string into a list of words based on a specified delimiter. By default, the split() method splits the string based on whitespace.

Here, the split() function creates a list of two elements [“hello”, “world”] and assigns it to the variable ‘words’.

3. Access the individual words:

Once the words have been separated, we can access them individually using the index. For example, to access the first word (“hello”) in the list, we can use the following code:

This will assign “hello” to the variable ‘word1’.

4. Join the words:

If we want to join the separated words back into a string, we can use the join() method. The join() method is a string function that takes a list of strings as input and returns a single joined string.

In this example, we join the words with a space in between them and assign the resulting string to the variable ‘new_string’.


In this tutorial, we learned how to separate words from a string in Python using the split() method, how to access the individual words, and how to join the separated words back into a string using the join() method.

Here is the full code:

The resulting output of the code is:

hello world